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Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Black Magic Love Spell That Saved My Relationship to Marriege

Hello I will not mention my Name here for security reasons.

I have been dating my man for about one and a half years. Things were going great. I moved in about ten months ago. I love him so much. I know he loves me too. But, he had an addiction. The addiction was text. He was texting other women. He constantly says that they were friends. Or he changes the subject. He constantly avoided the conversation and denied it all. When I brought it up, he told me he loved me but has never admitted to doing it. He had come home three different times with scratch marks on his back. He said it is just dry skin. He said he loved me and wanted a life with me, but my accusations were getting to him and he couldn’t take it anymore.
I didn’t know what to do or to think. The thought of coming up in this relationship for nothing, leaving my friends and family for nothing, made me sick. I had put up with a lot in my life. But I couldn’t put up with another cheater again. Do I believe him? Do I give up on everything that I have worked on for something that maybe he is telling the truth on? I just couldn’t know what to do!!
Then their I bumped into this advert of the best traditional doctors in Africa. And His name is Dr Jumba. He was advertising his magical Black Magic Love spell.
I am a Christian but this time I had to try this as my relationship was fading down like no body’s business. I had no choice I then decided to call Dr Jumba just to try and see what would happen if I used this Black Magic love spells.
Guess what, I did not believe but I just tried to see if it can help. He asked me some money for buying monkey far and chicken nails that he said he will use in this process. Then i sent the money to him, i also asked him how long it will take and he said for days to start noticing the changes.
I remember it was 3Days when Razel came home and asked me if it was Wright for him to change his phone number in order for him to gain my trust.
I couldn’t believe it. I said yes you must change it. He gave me the old sim card so I could break it. The next day he asked to take me out for a dinner and from there he proposed to me just like that so fast. I was like crazy.
Until now, we haven’t had any problem in our relationship. Thanks to this really powerful traditional doctor in Africa.
If ever you want to solve your relationship problem, Contact this Doctor at

I feel so honoured just to talk about you Dr Jumba
Thank you again Dr Jumba

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